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Bruno Duprat is an American Composer, singer-songwriter, musician, and visual artist who has worked with Ron Carter, Pelé, and Tyga, to name a few. Duprat's vocals were used in McDonald's commercials throughout South America and appearing in national commercials for ITAU Bank and Imagine 2007. Duprat has appeared in Wonderland (Netflix) and Searching for Jacob (Apple TV).


Duprat grew up in a musical- his father, a bass player, a grandfather Rogério Duprat (Brazilian music movement Maestro - Tropicália, 1969), a brother an academic music teacher, and his cousin Ruria Duprat who is a Grammy Award-Winning artist, and his father who is an amazing bass player (Roatã Duprat), all of whom inspired Duprat to pursue a career in music.


Everlasting Comfort

Cafe Du Chateau

Space for Humanity

Spencer Confidential (Netflix)


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