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Kristine Augustyn is an American television screenwriter, showrunner, executive producer, director, composer, and visual artist. Her artwork can be seen in Netflix's recent original hit, "Yes Day."  She has produced and held the title of supervising producer for shows such as  "Dark Zone Presents; Haunted Hollywood, Los Angeles Police Museum" (Live Stream), "Dark Zone Presents; Lizzie Borden Murder House" (Live Stream), "Skin; A History of Nudity in the Movies" (Amazon Prime), " Hanging with the Hendersons" (Animal Planet), "Unprotected" (Oxygen/Bravo), "Natural Born Monsters" (Weather Channel), "White Collar Brawlers" (Esquire), "Beasts of the Bayou" (Discovery), "Naked Vegas" (Syfy), "Savage Family Diggers' (Spike), "Bring it On" (TLC), "Funniest Mom in America 3" (Nick at Nite), and "Family Business" (Showtime) to name a few. 

When Augustyn is not immersing herself in her work, she loves donating her time to animal charities like Save the Manatee or Save The Sea Turtles. "I am an animal lover, and I like to donate where I feel it can do the most good," says Augustyn. " I worked on a show where I learned about the demise of Tasmanian Tiger, and it absolutely broke my heart; that feeling has stayed with me," recalls Augustyn. 


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