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Stelle Amor is an American singer-songwriter and composer. She's described as being a smoky pop blend of alternative, soul, jazz, and blues, comparable to the style of Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin, and Lana Del Rey, In 2017 Stelle released an EP with her trip-pop group Side, Tripp, consisting of Los Angeles based multi-Grammy-winning producer, Justin Merrill, and award-winning songwriter/producer Kris Bradley. Their song, "Maze" was featured in the ABC TV show, "Grown-ish".

In 2018 Stelle Amor made her National TV debut on FOX's The Four where she gained millions of views and thousands of enthusiastic fans across the globe. The Nashville OffBeat declared, "Stelle Amor quickly became the life of the party as the whole room turned their eyes to her and found it impossible to remove them. Her soulful pop/rock style pulled everyone in, leaving them dancing and engaged up until the very end. She even left the stage to dance with the crowd! This is a lady you don't want to miss seeing live!"

Stelle recently teamed up with London's legendary producer, Ian Barter (former musical director for Amy Winehouse), and Nashville's top songwriting duo, Deann Walker and Rick Beresford to create her most honest and epic record yet. Her lead single, "Problem Child" is an explicit social commentary on the rampant drug use and abuse she has encountered in her life. 


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